Our story featured in the magazine "autoheroes" !

10 Oct 2023 | News

Exciting news: Our story featured in the magazine “AutoHeroes”!

We’re delighted to share the journey of Lapland Ice Driving, as recently highlighted under the heading “My Little Red Car” in the acclaimed magazine “AutoHeroes”.

The article brilliantly retraces the childhood memories and passion for cars that have shaped the life of our founder Eric GALLARDO. It all started with unforgettable times in his uncle’s brand-new Racing Green MGB, driving along the scenic coastal roads of the Costa Brava. The exhilarating experience of this car left an indelible mark. It was his uncle Roger who unwittingly ignited a passion for cars that would last a lifetime.

Eric GALLARDO eventually combined his engineering skills with his passion for cars, becoming a vehicle dynamics test driver.

Over the course of more than a remarkable decade in the industry- including exciting trials on Lake Udjaur in Swedish Lapland- the dream evolved. In 2006, our founder used this knowledge to establish a revolutionary company, where enthusiasts could drive the most symbolic sports cars- such as Porsche or Ferrari- against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes.

This incredible journey, together with our unique driving experiences, and the passion for cars we share with you today- all are rooted in this history.

We invite you to read the full article in issue 033 of the “AutoHeroes” magazine, and to share the inspiring journey that led us to where we are today!