Push your ice driving limits

Lapland Ice Driving’s unique surroundings enable you to attain dizzying speeds on ice, unmatched anywhere else.

You’ll find absolute freedom- no walls, barriers or obstacles. This is a place where everything has been designed to surpass your limits with complete peace of mind. You’ll be able to unleash all the power of our specially prepared cars, touching 200 km/hr, in an environment where every detail is thought through for your safety.

An unparalleled driving experience

Our precision designed tracks are the ideal playground to test your limits with absolute peace of mind. This combination of thrills and safety amounts to an unparalleled ice driving experience, where you can give in to speed with complete confidence, in an environment both stimulating as well as reassuring.

We could talk about it for hours,
but nothing will convince you better than

The only risk? Addiction…

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