A French
success story

Eric Gallardo, whose name is renowned in the automotive world, has trodden a remarkable path since the beginnings at Lotus. He immersed himself in the art of automobile testing, combining technical skill with a deep love of driving. His journey led him to the prestigious position of Chief Test Driver at General Motors Europe, a role that highlighted his unique expertise and unwavering determination. In 1999, Eric added another string to his bow by becoming vice-champion of France GT4.


The year 2009 marked a major turning point, with investment which made it possible to create privatised circuits, including an impressive reproduction of the famous Paul Ricard Formula 1 track. Today, Lapland Ice Driving is regarded as the undisputed world reference for high-end ice driving services, attracting both amateurs and professionals alike from five continents.

Recognized by the international media, with more than 50 television reports and 300 press articles, Lapland Ice Driving has become much more than just a simple circuit.


But it was in 1995, on Lapland’s ice tracks, that the flame of a revolutionary idea was lit. While training other professional drivers, Eric came up with a concept that would transform the world of driving on ice. In 2005, this dream came true with the creation of Lapland Ice Driving, a paradise for driving enthusiasts.

Drift Z06

Nothing is left to chance

The teams

Lapland Ice Driving: more than 30 seasoned professionals. Every detail is taken care of, offering you an experience that surpasses the imagination. We take care of everything: from organising your stay to fine-tuning the vehicle you will drive. Nothing is left to chance.

Expert instructors

Our coaches, from the best automobile championships, are there to guide you through each driving session, ensuring significant, rapid progress. Their expertise is at your service, whether in French or English, as well as in German, Spanish or Italian depending on availability. Their role is to help you master the subtleties of driving on ice, transforming each lesson into a step closer to excellence.

Track assistants

Our team is always on hand, ready to intervene with their assistance vehicles, responding to any need or unforeseen event. In the event of a spin or unexpected exit from the track, they act quickly, guaranteeing your safety and helping you get back to driving with confidence.

The mechanics

This team, affectionately known as the “mechanical magicians”, is the beating heart of Lapland Ice Driving. They are dedicated to the preparation, maintenance and repair of our 30 vehicles, ensuring that each car is in impeccable condition before, during and after each season.

Their hard work ensures that- season after season- our fleet is ready and in tip-top condition to provide you with the ultimate driving experience. Their ability to get a car back into proper shape in record time is not only impressive, but essential to ensuring that every moment you spend on the track is exceptional.

Administration and organisation

Meticulous and always attentive, our team dedicated to organising your stay at Lapland Ice Driving is your first point of contact in this extraordinary adventure. They are there to provide you with all the information you need on our various offers, and to help you design your tailor-made stay.

Every step of your trip, from selecting the most suitable flights to organising your arrival, is managed with care and attention. As soon as you arrive at Arjeplog, you will find a team ready to offer you assistance at any time. They are there to ensure that every moment of your adventure at Lapland Ice Driving is as peaceful and comfortable as possible for an unforgettable experience.


“We could talk about it for hours, but nothing will convince you better than experiencing it yourself.”

A word from the founder

“Since Lapland Ice Driving started in 2005, the objective has been to offer a driving experience on ice like no other... Imagine achieving the ultimate dream in less than two days: mastering perfect drifting at the wheel of an exceptional sports car.

To be able to make this ambitious promise real, it was necessary to bring together the best ingredients: an unrivalled driving centre, allowing dizzying speeds in total safety, a varied fleet of the best sports cars on the planet, personal coaches selected from among the elite in the field and almost 250 km per day behind the wheel!

The only risk ? Addiction…

Eric Gallardo

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