Arctic Challenge

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Arctic Challenge:
A race towards innovation in Lapland

Discover an extraordinary challenge where teams of school students take part in an exciting adventure: building and driving their own electric vehicles. Their objective? To reach Lapland in the most ecological way possible, while ensuring that the carbon footprint of their trip is reduced.

Since 2022, Lapland Ice Driving has been involved in an exciting partnership with Arctic Challenge. This collaboration aims to stimulate innovation among young talents, with an emphasis on the design of high-performance electric vehicles. Through this event, Lapland Ice Driving and Arctic Challenge aim to inspire the next generation of innovators and direct them towards creating a more sustainable future.

Every year, we host the event on our premises, offering participants access to all our circuits. This unique opportunity allows young, creative minds to test and perfect their electric vehicles in a demanding environment, promoting a hands-on and enriching learning experience.

Lapland Ice Driving's involvement in the Arctic Challenge perfectly illustrates its commitment to promoting sustainable technologies and encouraging responsible innovation among younger generations. By opening our doors to these young talents, we are actively contributing to shaping a future where technology and environmental commitment go hand in hand.

It's a race not only against time,
but also for the environment.

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