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Saving the Tapia forest
in Madagascar

In the Itasy region of Madagascar, the Tapia forest, covered by less than 3% of afforestation for an area of 7,000 km², plays a crucial role in the ecological balance of the island. This native forest is home to a rich biodiversity, essential for local communities and for unique species such as the wild silkworm, the landibe.

Threatened by bushfires, but also by deforestation, the Tapia forest faces serious challenges. Since 2001, the Malagasy state has worked with local communities towards sustainable management, but challenges persist due to lack of resources.

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The Planète Urgence and Lapland Ice Driving project aims to preserve these forests while supporting local communities. Activities include restoration of forest ecosystems, local economic development through agroforestry and environmental awareness in schools. The objective is to sustainably manage 4,000 ha of forests and reforest 2,330 ha by 2025, while increasing community income and integrating women into decision-making processes. This project is an example of a fruitful collaboration between international and local organisations, and communities for environmental preservation and sustainable economic development.

Thanks to the contributions of Lapland Ice Driving and those of our customers, this project has enabled the planting of 10,000 trees each year, which helps absorb more than 800 tonnes of CO2.

It’s our way of actively contributing to protecting our planet and supporting a greener future.

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