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Arjeplog, in the heart
of Swedish Lapland

Between January and March, the thermometer hovers around -15°C on average, but it can quickly become freezing cold, and cause temperatures to drop to -40°C in less than 24 hours. Lapland is known for its endless days in summer and endless nights in winter, giving it a unique atmosphere. In fact, daylight lasts only 2 hours on December 21st, while the sun shines for 22 hours on June 21st. During the winter period, the days lengthen by almost an hour per week.

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Average temperature

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daylight in winter

Arjeplog, a small community of just over 2,500 inhabitants, is located in this polar region.

Every winter, this small town becomes the European capital of extreme-condition automobile testing. As part of the vehicle development and validation process, the most prestigious brands congregate there every year, from January 1st to March 30th.

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The population doubles in winter by around 2,500 car testers. Many manufacturers and equipment suppliers have their own ice tracks: Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Continental, Hyundai and many others.

So it’s not uncommon to see prototypes, sometimes camouflaged or disguised, as well as some exceptional vehicles, unexpected in these places.

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The LID centre

We have a 1000 m² building dedicated to the storage, maintenance and daily preparation of our vehicles. This site also enables us to welcome you for the morning briefing, and to discover the Lapland Ice Driving boutique. A lounge area is available for your comfort.

The club-houses on the tracks

There's nothing like having a refresh between two driving sessions in one of the three club-houses on our 1,200-hectare terrain. In these you’ll find hot drinks and refreshments. A television and Wi-Fi access are also available for those who need to stay connected.

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