Environmental Commitment

Since our creation, respecting the environment that welcomes us every season has been a concern of ours.


Since 2008, Lapland Ice Driving has been committed to the Planète Urgence association, in favor of environment. In 2019, we decided to strengthen our contribution as a patron by developing the « LID FOREST » project. This achievement marks our commitment to exemplify and seals our solidarity commitment to a sustainable planet.
Thanks to our contributions and those of our clients to this project, no less than 10,000 trees are planted each year, absorbing more than 800 tons of CO2.

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Since the 2022 season, we have increased our efforts to use low-carbon fuels. The first step in this transition was the use of bio-fuel HVO100 for all our diesel vehicles and heating machines, thus reducing their CO2 emissions by 90%.

We are currently working on the use of renewable gasoline for our fleet of supercars.

Link to HVO 100 (nouvelle fenêtre)

This project complements all the actions carried out by Lapland Ice Driving for several years to preserve the extraordinary nature that surrounds us:

  • use of wooden pickets and not plastic on the lake,
  • prints on FSC or PEFC paper by printers labeled «Imprim’vert»,
  • selective sorting of waste,
  • reasonable use of heating,
  • care for the use of buildings.

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