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Faced with the climate emergency and its challenges, we are redefining our standards with a strong ecological conscience.

Our brand and our business model are evolving towards a more responsible approach, while preserving the unique experience of Lapland Ice Driving, thanks to the commitment of our partners and collaborators. Below, we’d like to share with you the essence of our eco-responsible approach, showing how Lapland Ice Driving strives to reconcile a passion for autosport adventure with deep respect for the environment.

A committed company

We adopt concrete measures each season to minimize our ecological impact.

Since the 2022 season, we have stepped up our efforts to adopt low-carbon fuels. With this in mind, we initiated the transition by adopting HVO100 biofuel for all our diesel vehicles and our heating systems, which made it possible to reduce their CO2 emissions by 90%.

Currently, we are focused on integrating renewable fuel for the cars in our fleet.

This project is a continuation of the numerous environmental initiatives undertaken by Lapland Ice Driving, aimed at protecting the exceptional landscape that surrounds us:

  • We favour the use of wooden stakes rather than plastic ones on the lake, to prevent pollution when the ice melts in the spring.
  • Our printing is done on FSC or PEFC certified paper, produced by printers bearing the “Imprim’vert” label.
  • We undertake rigorous selective sorting of our waste.
  • Heating is used responsibly.
  • Particular care is taken in the operation of our buildings.

Our environmental commitment
through our programs

LID Forest

Lapland Ice Driving has strengthened its commitment as a patron of the PLANETE URGENCE association, by launching the “LID FOREST” project (TAPIA project). Through this initiative, we are committed to planting at least 10,000 trees each year. This project is a natural extension of our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, highlighting our dedication to preserving our planet.

Arctic challenge

In addition to this initiative, Lapland Ice Driving actively supports the Arctic Challenge event. This collaboration aims to inspire young people to discover sustainable innovations, particularly through the design and testing of high-performance electric vehicles on our circuits. This partnership illustrates our commitment to promoting environmentally friendly energy solutions in the automotive sector.

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