Nordic activities in Lapland

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An enchanted journey beyond the tracks

It’s hard not to enjoy the majestic environment that surrounds you whilst discovering the traditional regional activities. We’ve selected the best of these with our local partners. Available to complement your driving sessions, or for those accompanying you who do not drive.

Amazing activities
in Swedish Lapland

Snowmobile tour

Driving high-powered, latest generation “Polaris” machines (150 hp, 0-100 Km/hr in 3 seconds), join a tour- sedate or sporty, according to wish or experience- accompanied by a qualified guide.

Across lakes, through the Arjeplog forests and hills, you’ll undoubtedly meet some reindeer and moose whilst having a lot of fun.

This activity, situated just 800m from the hotel, is available as 2-hour, 3-hour or daylong tours.

Note: minimum two machines!

Dog-sled trips

Discover the calm and beauty of Lapland’s nature on a dog-sled excursion through the captivating panoramas of Swedish Lapland. Under the supervision of an experienced musher, the courage, power, will and docility of the Huskys will amaze you.

This half-day get-away is a real immersion in tranquillity

This half-day activity is accompanied by a guide. You’ll be picked up at, and taken back to the hotel.

Road trip to the arctic circle

An exciting trip on the open road to the Arctic Circle. Accompanied by an expert instructor, your journey will cover 160 Km out and back through breathtaking landscapes. You’ll cross the famous parallel beyond which is a day where the sun doesn’t rise in winter, and doesn’t set in summer.

It’s a two-hour activity. You’ll be picked up at, and taken back to the hotel.

Ice driving initiation

Discover the art of ice driving with a professional instructor. This unique experience will enable you to discover- in complete safety- the joys of drifting at the wheel of a BMW 240i

At the finish of 3 30-minute driving sessions, a demonstration by your instructor will conclude the initiation

Moose photo safari

Seated at the rear of a snowmobile driven by real Sami hunters, you’ll explore a nature reserve. Together, you’ll drive through the Pieljekaise national park, a sanctuary where wildlife flourishes freely. Throughout your trip, there’s the chance to see elk and to photograph them in their natural habitat.

This half-day activity is accompanied by a guide. You’ll be picked up at, and taken back to the hotel.

Relaxation and well-being

Take advantage of the Hotel Silverhattan spa. Surrounded by the tranquillity of the Lapland forest, the spa- equipped with sauna, jacuzzi and fitness suite- invites you to relax and recharge.

For those wanting more, a range of massages, body and/or face care is also available.

Skiing and snowboarding

Surrounded by white snow, the temptation to ski is big. Be seduced by the Galtis skiing area, just 15 Km from Arjeplog.

Whether you’re an experienced skier, or a snowboarder looking for thrills, the blue and red Galtis slopes promise unforgettable moments.

This is a half-day activity. You’ll be picked up at, and taken back to the hotel.

Helicopter experience

On board a Squirrel B2 helicopter, be amazed by a panoramic view of Lapland Ice Driving, the charming town of Arjeplog and the wild expanse that surrounds it. Fly above this polar landscape, where every detail is revealed in a grand spectacle from the sky.

This out-of-the-ordinary 30-minute aerial excursion begins just 800m from the hotel.

Snowshoeing & ice fishing:

Enjoy a unique adventure through Lapland’s pristine landscapes. Equipped with the latest generation snowshoes, discover the wild forests, and then an introduction to ice fishing.

Available for everyone, this activity is under the supervision of an experienced guide, guaranteeing safety and fun for all participants. This half-day activity accompanied by your personal guide ends with a tasty snack in a beautiful heated and cosy "grillkata". Pickup and drop-off at the Silverhatten Hotel

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