Lapland Ice Driving on BFM TV

1 Feb 2024 | News

Eric Gallardo sur BFM

This Wednesday, January 17, at 9:40 p.m., our founder, Éric Gallardo, shared his essential advice on the BFM TV channel.

As part of the show “90 minutes”- and presented by Alice Darfeuille- Eric highlighted those reflexes necessary on icy roads, emphasing basic good practice for safe driving during the winter months.

The correct reflexes for winter driving:

During his television appearance, Eric Gallardo stressed the importance of having winter tyres for proper grip on snow. It’s important to drive carefully and with foresight to maintain better control of the vehicle. Natural deceleration is also an essential, in order to avoid excessive braking that could cause the vehicle to skid and lose control.

Here’s a practical tip to avoid snowplaning: it’s advisable to follow the tracks of the car in front. Those tracks clear snow from the road, which significantly improves grip, as there is direct contact with the road.

Another tip to follow: look far in order to go far.

Indeed, it’s always a question of looking ahead, towards the spot you’re aiming for. The driving direction is influenced by the driver’s visual point of focus. Avoiding focusing on immediate hazards, and looking towards the desired destination is essential for safer driving on slippery surfaces.

By focusing on key points such as proper equipment, care and attention, as well as where you are going, you will be able to tackle icy roads with confidence.