Lapland Ice Driving



Lapland Ice Driving welcomes you to Arjeplog,
in the heart of Swedish Lapland, home of the Aurora Borealis.

Located 40 miles from the Arctic Circle, this is a place of wild beauty, surrounded by frozen lakes and forests of snow-covered pines. This is where, each winter, we transform Lake Udjaur into a 2,965-acre drifting area.

Extreme Conditions

Between January and March, temperatures are around -15°C on average, but they can drop as low as -40°C, sometimes within 24 hours. Daylight lasts for only 2 hours in late December, while the sun shines for 22 hours on June 21st. During wintertime, daylight increases by about one hour each week.

From January to March

Arjeplog is a small community of barely
2000 inhabitants

Arjeplog becomes the European capital of extreme condition car testing each winter. Between January 1st and March 30th, the most prestigious brands can be spotted, working on vehicle development and approval.

And so the population doubles each winter with the arrival of around 2500 “testers”. Every car and equipment manufacturer present in Arjeplog has its own ice tracks. It is not unusual to come across prototypes, at times disguised or camouflaged, as well as exceptional vehicles, surprising in such a location: Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes AMG, Bentley Continental or Porsche GT3 convoys.