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Alpine A110 S 2022 1600 01

Alpine is a French sports car brand. Born out of motorsport racing, it exists because of racers, and is aimed at racers. It is our conviction that passion must be shared, and that the biggest thrills are experienced together with a strong community of competitors.

Founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé, Alpine has asserted itself over the years with its French-style sports cars.

In 2017, the brand introduced the new A 110, internationally recognised for its agility and performance. Today, the Alpine range has grown, thanks to its GT, S and R versions, to ensure that our customers can enjoy an appropriate driving pleasure. Now, Alpenglow represents the future of the brand. More than a concept car, it is a true realisation embodying Alpine’s strategy as a road car manufacturer, as a figure in motorsport and as a socially responsible brand.