up to 8X30 minutes every day

Up to 200 km/hr
250 km/day
100% pleasure



14 Circuits in total spread over our nearly 3,000-acre private frozen lake, the equivalent of 6 times the area of Monaco. It’s a Herculean task, with more than 5,000 “man-machine” hours necessary from November 1st to ensure that the world’s largest driving centre is operational by January 8th . The officially-licenced Formula 1 circuits are constructed to metre accuracy thanks to GPS coordinates

Our supercar fleet

Specially prepared for driving on ice

Every vehicle is subject to 200 hours of work by our specialised mechanics so that they are totally reliable for driving on ice, and converted into an efficient monster vehicle! Deactivation of all driving aids , calculation of number of studs, braking system modifications, chassis protection, bumpers, additional lighting and a lot more!


from advanced training

Thanks to the clever balance between track selection, the preparation of the cars and instruction techniques proven by 25 years of success, Lapland Ice Driving can guarantee you mastery of drifting in less than two days. The best instructors on the planet have been assembled to offer you completely tailor-made and fully personalised coaching at each of your sessions. Based on your goals and experience, they will adapt the instruction technique and choice of circuits: our single objective: to bring you success, and the ultimate in pleasure.

Cercles Cercles Cercles Cercles Cercles


Objective 1 : hold the drift

On a 350- meter diameter, 20-meter wide circle, you’ll learn to maintain a constant drift, first in one direction, then in the other. With more or less angle, and by increasing speed or braking. You’ll also learn to “draw snails”. By maintaining a two-turn drift, you’ll achieve your LID Bronze!
By maintaining a two-turn drift, you’ll achieve your LID Bronze!

Objective 2 : Entering and leaving the drift

On ovals of 500 by 15 metres, you’ll learn how to trigger the drift for entry into a bend, how to maintain and control the drift following the correct path and emerge from the bend perfectly aligned with the straight! Faster and faster, and increasingly accurately we’ll also introduce you to the famous “Scandinavian Flick”.
By mastering this technique, you’ll achieve your LID Silver!

Objective 3 : Link turns

On the 1½ Km, 8 metre wide practice circuit with 15 turns, you’ll learn to drift in a “normal” width. Turns that open and close will allow you to develop your driving control.
By connecting all these drifting turns you’ll achieve your LID Gold!

Objective 4 : Increase the speed

On the 2.3 Km by 8-metre wide technique circuit, you’ll get down to serious business: braking, pins, large curves, straight lines, pif-pafs. Everything comes together, in this step your coach refines your technique before approaching the F1 circuits.

Objective 5 : Very high speed efficiency

Great thrills await you on our 5 F1 circuits: well-mastered, it’s possible to exceed 210 Km/hr on the straights and 180 Km/hr through particular turns….Precision, fast reaction, observation and extreme pleasure. Your coach will imbue in you that search for enduring efficiency.