Lapland Ice Driving


Our wish is that you discover the pure pleasure of drifting,
and our greatest reward is without doubt the enthusiasm
and satisfaction of our participants at the end of their stay.
  • temoignages_ericsturdza

    Prince Eric STURDZA

    • Romanian, resident of Switzerland
    • President of the Baring Brother Sturdza bank

    “ I had great pleasure in participating in Eric Gallardo’s ice driving course in Lapland.
    The 2-day course was run very professionally, with a fantastic ambiance which allied
    professionalism to a warm and friendly reception.
    The instructors are exceptionally capable drivers themselves and well able to teach
    the finer points of skid control; it was a pleasure to be assisted by them.
    Not only are the cars beautifully maintained, but the vehicle fleet is varied and each car
    is exciting to drive. I can only recommend such a thrilling experience.”

  • temoignages_gautamhari

    Gautam Hari Singhania

    • Indian
    • PChairman and managing director of Raymond group
    • Founder Chairman, Super Car Club of India

    “ A group of friends and I have been participating in Lapland Ice Driving experience since 2011.
    The experience was quite incredible and all of us had an absolutely sensational time.
    The facilities were top notch, the service warm, cordial and friendly. The cars were in top condition and the support staff top class.
    We just can’t wait to go back for more.”

  • temoignages_jppagny

    Jean-Paul PAGNY

    • French
    • President VISIOM (airport security equipment)
    • Motoring experience: Champion, French Modern Endurance 2007/2008/2015/2016,
      Vice-champion 2009/2010/2011

    “Lapland Ice Driving appeals with real tracks and genuine sports cars, but also
    with the overall spirit, professionalism and level of instruction which enables
    everyone to hone their technical skills and abilities.
    Congratulations to this faultless organization: Eric, you generate happiness.”

  • temoignages_johnchandris


    • Greek
    • Chairman of Chandris (UK) Limited
    • Director of Leathbond Limited, London Cambridge Properties Limited and Ringmerit Limited
    • Chairman of Chandris Hotels

    “ I have just returned from my third visit to Lapland and I seem to enjoy it more each time. The welcome and hospitality that my friends and I receive each time from Eric
    and his team is amazing and the driving instruction from such gifted drivers is phenomenal.
    Everything is organized so well, the cars are so meticulously prepared and the instructors seem to have an infinite amount of patience and courage.
    Just as my courage runs out at over 100 mph, the instructors are always prompting me to go faster by shouting gas, gas, gas!
    This is truly the perfect place to learn how to drive in very safe conditions and to master skid control.”

  • temoignages_joachimthyssen

    Joachim THYSSEN

    • German
    • Proprietor of McDonalds Restaurants
    • Motoring experience: primarily 20 years of competitive and endurance racing
    • 2013: German Supersports Cup (Porsche Cup)

    “The combination of technical and speed circuits really is the difference compared with
    other driving centers in Scandinavia. Thanks to the best equipment and to the instructors at my side, I not only had a great deal of fun,
    but also massively improved my ice driving skills.
    If drifting in second or third gear does not excite you anymore, then only Lapland Ice Driving can do something about that.”

  • temoignages_karlheinzkoegel

    Karlheinz KOEGEL

    • German
    • Principal shareholder of L’TUR Tourismus and

    “ I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be much more than I was imagining.
    The Lapland Ice Driving experience is absolutely unique, and the pleasure so great that I shall return this year.”

  • temoignages_michaelquaife

    Michael QUAIFE

    • English
    • Director, RT Quaife Engineering

    “ The Lapland Ice Driving weekend was a great experience and extremely well organized with plenty of track time. Neither of us would hesitate to recommend the company as the cars, facilities and instructors are all first class.
    It was fantastic fun and we can’t wait for another opportunity to go again.”

  • temoignages_philippemuffat

    Philippe MUFFAT

    • French-Swiss
    • President and Managing Director of Vision IT Group
    • Motoring experience: gentleman driver Radical SR8

    “ After the “uninspiring” manufacturers’ driving experiences, we discovered the pleasure of moving on to a Porsche GT3, or a Gallardo, with instructors who were able to reveal unsuspected talents in mastering the drift. Unbelievably fast progress at each stage – take care, you’ll be quickly addicted!”

  • temoignages_princenikolaos

    SAS Prince Nikolaos

    • Prince of Greece and Denmark

    “I have had the most wonderful experiences at the Lapland Ice Driving facility in Arjeplog, Sweden. Though the prospects of driving high performance vehicles on a frozen lake in far below sub zero temperatures may seem exciting, you could be forgiven for feeling slightly intimidated. I know I did on my first trip out there. However, no sooner than you sit behind the wheel for the first time, you feel instantly reassured by the highly skilled and professional driving instructors. While the ambient temperature may be bone chillingly cold, the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming thanks to the cheerful and infinitely patient team! The vehicles and the tracks are extremely well maintained and the whole outfit is run at an incredibly high standard by Eric Gallardo. I thoroughly enjoyed both of my trips to Lapland and cannot wait to visit again soon.”

  • temoignages_teamharibo

    Team HARIBO

    • Germany
    • Christian Menzel (professional driver) and Hans Guido Reigel (owner of Haribo)
    • Competitors in the “VLN” and “Blancpain” series

    “ Enjoy the magical surroundings, spend a day mastering the drift in awesome vehicles such as the Porsche GT3, and improve one’s know-how thanks to super instructors: what a hard job! It’s clear that the skills we’ve learnt from this experience will certainly be useful to the Haribo Porsche Racing Team on the track!”

  • temoignages_tizianocarugati

    Tiziano CARUGATI

    • Swiss
    • Importer of Pagani Zonda for Switzerland
    • Motoring experience: competitor in the modern French Endurance Championship

    “ Lapland Ice Driving is more than just a unique experience, it’s a real course in perfecting one’s ice driving technique! The tracks are exceptional, the instructors are real professionals, and the cars are very good, from 4-wheel drive to Supercar. Carugati Automobile is a regular repeat visitor. Lapland Ice Driving must be experienced at least once in your life.”