Lapland Ice Driving

Formula 1


Every winter, we transform Lake Udjaur into an enormous 1,250-acre drifting area

We mark out 13 exceptional tracks, with a total length of nearly 30 miles. You will have the opportunity of testing your limits by conquering one of
our 4 world-exclusive full-scale (officially licensed) replicas of legendary Formula 1 tracks: Paul Ricard, Nürburgring or Silverstone (2 replicas).
Each of our tracks will provide a source of technical challenge and extreme sensations. We could talk about it for hours, but nothing will convince you more than trying it out yourself.
The only risk? Addiction…

  • 01

    Formula 1 circuit:
    Paul ricard

    This is the exact 1-to-1 replica of the famous “Paul Ricard”
    in its 2.36 miles F1 version. It has everything: the impressive
    Mistral straight (where, depending on the vehicle,
    speeds of up to 130 mph are possible),
    the “Signes” curve, the double right of “Beausset”, Bridge corner.
    It is the ultimate in high-speed drifting pleasure.


    2.36 miles
    top speed

    130 mph


  • 02

    Formula 1 circuit:
    Nürburgring Circuit

    Our most recent Formula 1 track, the famous 3.2-mile
    German track alternates between 7 left bends and 10 right bends!
    This highly technical track will delight the thrill-junkies.


    3.2 miles
    top speed

    130 mph


  • 03

    Formula 1 circuit:

    This 3.66 mile temple of Formula 1 is considered to be
    “the home of British motor racing”.
    Renowned for its insanely high speeds, it is a place where
    adrenaline really flows, particularly in the Chapel S-bends…


    3.66 miles
    top speed

    130 mph


  • 04

    Technical circuit 1:
    la Ferté Gaucher

    A 2.2-mile-long track with various curve sequences,
    this circuit allows speeds from 30 to 75 mph and is perfect
    for the development of your ice driving techniques.


    2.2 miles
    top speed

    75 mph


  • 05

    Technical circuit 2:
    Les ecuyers

    A 1.4-mile-long track with various curve sequences,
    this circuit allows speeds from 30 to 75 mph
    and will help you hone your ice driving techniques.


    1.4 miles
    top speed

    75 mph


  • 06


    These two 33-yard-wide concentric circles are like huge roundabouts. The outer circle (or “big circle”) has a length of 1094 yards!
    These circles are designed to allow endless drifting at speeds of up to 75 mph on the big circle.


    170 & 380 yards
    top speed

    75 mph


  • 07


    4 ovals of 550 yards in length on which to learn
    introductory techniques (with or without rear-wheel drift),
    how to maintain a constant skid angle and to exit the drift
    in a controlled fashion. They are perfect for taking your first ice driving steps.


    4 x 550 Yards
    top speed

    45 mph


  • 08

    PRACTICE tracks

    With a length of 0.9 miles, this track is ideal
    to learn how to maintain the drift through
    your first curve sequences.


    0.9 miles
    top speed

    50 mph