Founded in 1975 by Californian Jim Kannard, Oakley is a unique brand. Constantly striving for performance, Oakley is at the forefront of innovation and has over 800 patents pending. All Oakley products are designed to be functional, comfortable, lightweight, and high performing.

This unique DNA allows the brand to equip the greatest athletes from head to toe. Whether it’s optical or sunglasses for everyday or sport use, Oakley has the right product for you.

PRIZM Technology

Prizm™ lens technology enhances contrast and color to improve vision of detail and make visible what the human eye cannot perceive.  Whether in the mountains, on the road, in the forest, on the water or in the city Prizm™ lenses allow you to perceive details sooner, faster and with greater precision, ensuring a better visual experience. Each environment has its own best-suited Prizm™ version

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