Lapland Ice Driving

Our Team


Our team is composed of experienced professionals

From the organisation of your travel to the fine-tuning of the vehicles
you will have the pleasure of driving, everything is done to free you of any worry
and let reality exceed your expectations.

  • Muller



  • ERIC


  • Bentivoglio


    Automobile Expert

They are Lapland Ice Driving’s technical advisors.
On site for all or part of the season, they will ensure the success of your experience with us.
  • 15instructors

    From top flight championships, their role is to coach you during each of your driving sessions, for maximum progress in the shortest amount of time. Instruction is in French or English (as well as German, Spanish or Italian, depending on the dates).

  • 03track ASSISTANTS

    Always on hand with their fully-equipped and versatile assistance vehicles if needed, and in case of an off-track spin.


    They prepare, maintain and repair our 30 vehicles before, during and after each season. They work hard to make sure that our vehicles are ready to welcome you every season in perfect condition. They are sometimes nicknamed the “mechanical magicians”, such is their ability to fix a car in no time at all.

  • 04tour experts

    In charge of the organization of your trip, they will give you all information about our services, and advise you on designing a truly tailor-made stay. They will also look for and book the best, most reasonably priced flights. You will meet some of them in Arjeplog, where they will be dedicated to answering your questions, making any changes and assisting you however they can.